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Service List - Moxa Treatment
Acu Care Center, LLC offers the services related to traditional Chinese medicine. We do provide all the services listed below at this moment.

Moxa Treatment

Moxa is applying heat into body in order to promote healing process. Traditionally, Chinese uses the leaf of a plant called Mugwort to make moxa cones. Moxa is very popular technique in China to strengthen physical body and maintain healthy.

Moxa treatment in general includes two types of technique. One is called 鈥渋ndirect moxa鈥 and another 鈥渄irect moxa鈥.

Indirect moxa technique applies the moxa on top of a media, such as a slice of garlic, or a slice of ginger, or a thin herbal cake remedy, or salt. The heat will go through the media into body. Indirect moxa will carry the therapeutic action into body along with heat. Another method of indirect moxa is using moxa stick. There are smoke and smokeless two different types of moxa sticks available today. After moxa stick is lighted up, just heat up the affected area over the skin. It is the most safe way of doing moxa with moxa stick.

Second, direct moxa applies burning mugwort directly on skin, which can heat the point very quickly. When patient feels the hot sensation, practitioner will remove the moxa quickly from skin.

Both techniques of moxa can tonify qi and yang and warm the body to expel cold pathogen. Many Chinese are doing moxa regularly to strengthen immune system and maintain healthy.

Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture has been approved by World Health Organization (WHO) with clinical benefits to various diseases and syndromes. Acupuncture treatment is a traditional method and natural way to keep healthy.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is a very traditional way to treat many kinds of diseases among all nations of entire world. All herbs are from nature and very safe with proper use prescribed by well-trained doctors.

Cupping Treatment

Cupping treatment is very effective to relax the tightness and tension of muscles. It is very popular used in China to relieve pain. Cupping can also release deep toxin and improve the circulation of energy.

Tui Na Treament

Tui Na is a traditional Chinese technique to treat various body injuries. According to Western concept, Tui Na is a type of medical massage particular developed to treat illness and keep body wellness.

Gua Sha Treatment

Gua Sha is another traditional healing technique in Chinese culture. Chinese uses a piece of smooth stone, jade, or horn to scrap the skin into pink or red. In this way, Gua Sha can release the deep toxin and unblock the obstruction of circulation.

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